Thursday, March 5, 2020

Northville school district seeking millage OK

Voters in the Northville Public Schools District will be asked to replace the current sinking fund millage on property tax by extending the 0.9519 rate through 2025.
According to district officials, approval of the proposal would not increase the current tax paid in district. If voters approve the question, the tax will generate about $3 million annually which is earmarked for building and site repairs, instructional technology and safety and security upgrades throughout the district.
According to the school district website, “Since NPS (Northville Public Schools) wants to utilize future sinking fund dollars for instructional technology and security equipment, the millage language cannot say renewal because in fact the district will replace the existing sinking fund millage with the new millage so that those dollars can be used to fund the expanded uses,.

“Although the ballot must state that this is a new millage, it is actually replacing the current tax rate with the same tax rate. This millage represents no increase in the current tax rate.”
By state law, the bond money cannot be used for salaries or wages, general operating expense and maintenance or classroom supplies and textbooks. The funding can only be used for construction and remodeling of facilities, the purchase of instructional technology equipment, other equipment and furniture, site improvements and bus purchases.
Voters will be asked to vote yes or no on the question.