Thursday, March 19, 2020

Sumpter Township voters favor Biden as presidential candidate

About 25 percent of the 7,527 registered voters in Sumpter Township cast ballots in the Primary Election March 10 according to reports prepared by the township clerk's office.
Voters agreed to the request of the Detroit Institute of Arts for an extension of the 1-mill levy to support the art museum, which includes free admission to the facility for all Wayne County residents along with numerous outreach art efforts throughout area communities.

According to the clerk's unofficial report which has not yet been certified by the Wayne County Elections Office, 1,906 votes were cast; 639 on the Republican ballot and 1,214 on the Democratic ballots, while there were unresolved write in votes and some independent ballots issued.
On the Republican ballot, Donald J. Trump received 620 votes, while 248 were by absentee ballot.
On the Democratic ballot. Joe Biden received 473 votes with another 207 absentee ballots for a total of 680 votes. Bernie Sanders was the choice of 337 voters with another 77 absentee ballots for a total of 414. Michael Bloomberg received 56 votes and Elizabeth Warren received a total of 15 votes, according to the township report. Other candidates on the Democratic ballot did not reach double digit totals.
Wayne County officials are expected to certify the results as submitted by local municipal clerks by the end of the month.