Thursday, March 26, 2020

John Daly street reconstruction project continues

The reconstruction of John Daly Street in Inkster will continue this year, following the current coronavirus crisis.
Members of the Inkster City Council allocated budget funds for the reconstruction of one-third of a mile of the well-traveled street from Michigan Avenue to the Rouge River.
The funding includes the construction of water mains, sanitary and storm sewers, curb/gutter, concrete sidewalks including ADA ramps, material quality control testing, and concrete street reconstruction.
Phase one of the project included work from Rouge River to Inkster Park was completed in 2019.

Phase two was set to begin Feb. 17 and was expected to be complete by June 5, but delays and work stoppages will impact that estimate, officials said.. Work will necessitate the complete closure of the street from Michigan Avenue to Inkster Park during the reconstruction work.
Officials said there will be a few individual residences along John Daly that will have driveways restricted throughout the construction. According to a statement from the city, the contractor will work with those particular residents if access to garage is required. Residents who need access to garages on John Daly should contact the project engineer to coordinate with the contractor for access.
During this phase of the project, residents will be able to access Inkster Park from the north and detours required by the construction will be posted. Officials said that trash collection and mail service will not be interrupted.
Some trees are scheduled to be removed as part of the construction project but will only be removed as necessary. Trees scheduled for removal will not be replaced, officials said. Lawns disturbed in the construction work will be fully restored to preconstruction condition with topsoil, fertilizer, seed, and mulch. If necessary, the contractor will return in the fall to ensure grass growth, officials said.
Specific questions regarding the road construction can be referred Daniel Guastella,  (313) 234-0307.  For general questions contact the project engineer between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.