Thursday, March 19, 2020

Recycling program to return to City of Westland

Westland voters approved a Sanitation Millage Ballot Proposal on the ballot March 10 by a large margin 11,738 yes to 6,773 no votes
The millage, a proposed 1 mill to be levied on all taxable property in the city for a 10-year period will be used to fund recycling and garbage services in the city. The millage, expected to general approximately $1.75 million the first year, will be used for recycling, bulk pickup disposal, yard waste collection, composting and trash/pickup disposal.
“I want to thank the residents of Westland for understanding the importance of, and overwhelmingly supporting the Sanitation Millage,” noted Mayor William R. Wild on the city Facebook page.
“The passing of this millage ensures the continued delivery of Westland's trash pickup, composting and the popular bulk item pickup and drop off center programs. I pledge to work with the city council to reinstitute our award winning curbside recycling program in a timely fashion and continue our Mission Green goals of creating a sustainable community for future generations.”
Wild said the city discontinued the recycling program last year after the  cost per ton increased from $18 to $80 and that the city budget could not stretch to cover that increased expense although he knew this was a service residents wanted to continue.
Wild said that summer tax bills printed in June, mailed out in July, would include the sanitation millage. He said he estimated the average increase per household would be about $50. The term of the millage proposal is 10 years, beginning this year and continuing through 2029.