Thursday, March 5, 2020

Public meetings set to discuss revisions of city master plan

The Northville Planning Commission members have scheduled several special sessions to provide up-to-date information from experts on core topics of redevelopment in the city, in preparation for revisions to the Master Plan.
The  first public information session Feb. 24 addressed the planning, zoning and financial aspects of the Master Plan with a presentation by Doug Lewan, planning consultant and executive vice president at Carlisle Wortman Associates (CWA). Sally Elmiger, city planner, also of CWA, moderated the session, which drew approximately 90 people to the Northville Community Center.

Three sub-areas of the Northville Master Plan - Racetrack, Cady Street/Cady Town, and South Center - are being reviewed and will likely be revised, according to city officials.
Lewan spoke about planning and zoning legislation in Michigan and explained what's involved in reviewing new developments. He noted that the Master Plan is the vision and the zoning ordinances are the rules for land development. The presentation noted what the Master Plan envisions for each of three sub-areas under review along with the applicable zoning ordinances.
Also detailed was assessing information for those sub-areas and an explanation of how new development and  maintenance are paid for. Essentially the costs are borne by the developer with the city paying for maintenance of public portions of the project, such as public streets and water mains. Grants and tax abatements, such as from a Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, could offset the cost for the developer, but are not assured.
Elmiger said the planning commission plans to conduct a public survey in the spring and host a public meeting in May or June to gather public input about the future of the sub-areas.
The next public information session will be March 24 at the Community Center and focuses on traffic and walkability/mobility.
Information sessions will take place at 7 p.m. at the Community Center, 303 W. Main, Northville.
The speaker will be Jessica Katers, project manager, Municipal Engineering, OHM Associates (Engineering, Architecture and Planning firm). A second speaker will be announced.
Another session is set for Tuesday, March 31 when the topic will be infrastructure and Katers will again be one of the speakers along with Loyd Cureton, director of Department of Public Works and Craig Strong, principal at Code Enforcement Services, the city building code consultants and inspection firm.
Future land use will be the topic at the Tuesday, April 14 session and the speaker will be Dick Carlisle, president, Carlisle Wortman Associates (CWA).
A final session is planned for Tuesday, April 28 when the topic will be demographics and schools. The speaker will be Elminger.
The sessions will be followed with workshops and other events to gather public input about the future of the sub-areas.
Questions or comments about the meetings should be referred to Northville City Manager Pat Sullivan at or (248) 449-9905.