Thursday, March 26, 2020

Westland district court enacts new procedures

Due to the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak and the declared State of Emergency, the 18th District Court has adopted an emergency policy regarding continuation of services. The new policies will remain in effect through Friday, May 1, and are subject to extension, revision, or cancellation at any point without advance notice.
The court will be open during normal posted hours and all cashiers will be open and available for in-person payments. This includes civil infractions, probation payments, payment plans and warrants.
Court officials are encouraging the use of online-payments during this crisis. Payments can be made at

In addition, the court will address walk-in warrants, in-custody arraignments, conditional bond violations, probation violations, domestic, assaultive, and conditional bond violations as scheduled. All other matters will be adjourned until after May 1.
Defense attorneys will be present to represent individuals as needed, according to a prepared statement from the court and landlord-tenant cases will be reviewed and addressed by a judge while all other general civil matters will be adjourned until after May 1.
All trials will be adjourned until after May 1 and all non-assaultive pre-trials will also be adjourned until after May 1.
All drinking and driving and assaultive pre-trials will take place as scheduled, but all civil infraction hearings, show cause hearings, and mediations will be adjourned until after May 1,
In-person probation appointments will be adjourned until after May 1 while telephonic, email and mail-in reporting will continue as directed by the probation officer.
Sobriety court programs will continue and all participants must contact their case manager for specific program adjustments.
All in-person alcohol/drug testing will be adjourned until after May 1, including daily testing.
All participants who report daily must contact their probation officer for additional information and instructions, according to information provided by the court.
Visitors to the courthouse will be restricted to those individuals scheduled for a court date only.
Court officials will monitor the situation continuously and adjust the policies policy as the situation warrants based on advice from health officials and state government.