Thursday, March 19, 2020

Northville Public Schools are named ‘Best in State’

The Northville Public School District received top marks from, a rating system that determined the top 100 schools in the state.
Northville was rated as the best school district in the state, the district consistently has a graduation rate of more than 96 percent and students outperform the national averages of both the ACT and SAT tests on a regular basis.
Northville was closely followed by Lake Orion Community Schools in second place and Hudsonville Public Schools in third while the Novi Community School District was placed at fourth among Michigan public school districts.

The rating was based on variables including the number of students enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade; graduation rate; school funding per student; student to teach ratio and percent of students scoring above the proficient level in standardized state math, reading and language tests, according to the website. Data from a total of 10,247 public school districts was used to compute a score for each school district.