Thursday, September 3, 2020

Clerk defends election and staff

Sumpter Township Clerk Esther Hurst issued a public statement during the regular meeting of the board of trustees last week, defending her staff and the election process in the community.
Hurst was visibly concerned with recent allegations of impropriety leveled at her office and staff, including now disproved allegations of the mishandling of tabulation tapes from a voting machine in Precinct 5. (See related story, page 1.)
Nelson Po, a failed candidate for supervisor, has filed for a recount of absentee ballots in the Aug. 4 primary citing “fraud or mistake” on the part of election workers resulting in his receiving only 159 absentee votes.

“As many know, our township has been under attack by certain parties with repeated false accusations, lies and misinformation to our residents and the press,” Hurst said.
“Much of this has been pointed at our township officials, myself and my staff. Recent allegations by these same parties has negatively and wrongfully impacted our election inspector teams.
“Their critical function to our community is the proper handling of elections processes which is following election law. My staff and I continue to support and educate our citizens on these issues. However, recent allegations are laced with false statements such as improper handling and throwing away of ballots, manipulating tabulator tallies and information and violation of elections law.
“Unfortunately,” she said, “if you're looking for the truth, current media may not be the place to look.
“I am very proud of my election workers and staff and will support them unconditionally,” she concluded.