Thursday, September 3, 2020

First recreational marijuana shop opens in city

Scott Gocaj didn't let any grass grow under his feet.
When members of the Wayne City Council approved the sale of recreational marijuana in the city in July, Gocaj prepared to open the first of the four shops approved for licenses in the city. The ordinance in Wayne allows for up to four marijuana retail licenses but those must also sell medicinal marijuana.
Gocaj said this is his first business, although he and his family have been in the Wayne area for decades.

The shop, Michigan's Finest Cannabis Company is located at the northeast corner of Hannan and Van Born roads and is, he said, a convenient location for many local communities.
The shop has been selling cannabis flowers, edibles, vape pens and tinctures to medical patients until last week, when the sale of recreational items began. Gocaj said the store has been remodeled and revamped in a former vacant industrial area. Like other businesses affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, the store is open only for curbside service, the new owner said
The medical and recreational drugs are separated in the store, he said, and include pre-rolled cigarettes, edibles and cannibis extracts.
“We had been operating as medical only and we had to turn down so many disappointed clients that didn't have their medical card until this week when we went recreational and sales have tripled. The demand is there, and people are thankful for the convenience” Gocaj said last week.
Wayne is one of only a few communities which allow the sale of recreational marijuana. “In my opinion, the taboo is over. People need to embrace it, Gocaj said.