Thursday, September 3, 2020

Final site plan for Arbor Glen condominiums OK’d by board

The final site plan for the Arbor Glen Condominiums was unanimously approved by members of the Canton Township Board of Trustees at their meeting last month.
Municipal Services Director Jade Smith noted that the petitioners, Mike Noles from Diffin-Umlor and Chris Plumb from Pulte were proposing to locate 36 single-family residential site condominiums on approximately 36.02 acres  at the northwest corner of Warren Road and Ridge Road.
One entrance is proposed on Ridge Road on the south part of the site, located about 400 feet north of Warren Road, and one emergency vehicle entrance is proposed on Ridge Road on the north part of the site, located about 1,675 feet north of Warren Road. The developer proposes to pave Ridge Road from Warren Road to approximately 100 feet north of the southern entrance to the development, according to Smith's executive summary of the project.

“The project sponsor proposes to maintain 34.0 percent of the site, 12.92 acres, as open space, preserve over 700 trees, minimize clearing and grading along Ridge Road, and plant several native trees along Warren Road and Ridge Road consistent with the Natural Beauty Road objectives,” Smith noted. “Additionally, the project sponsor will construct sidewalks along the west side of Ridge Road from Arbor Glen to Warren Road including a crosswalk across Ridge Road to connect to the existing sidewalk network on the east side.”
Members of the board of trustees approved the Final Planned Development and Preliminary Site Plan on Nov. 12, 2019, according to Smith.
The minimum lot and setback dimension requirements for the development include 16,000 square-foot lots at 100 feet wide with front yard setbacks of 35 feet and  side yard setbacks of 15 feet on one side and 25 feet on the other, for a minimum separation distance of 40 feet between buildings. The rear yard setbacks are listed at 30 feet for lots five through seven and 27 only, which back up to Arbor Glen's open space areas. Wetland setbacks have been noted although no lots are proposed in wetland areas. Five lots will have conservation easements that will allow for grading and planting in conformance with the plans but will prohibit structures and other impervious surfaces, Smith noted in his report.
“Many wetland areas will be preserved, and many landmark trees will be preserved as a result of making the lots smaller. Ridge Road north of Warren Road is classified as a Natural Beauty Road, and clearing and grading in the Ridge Road right-of-way is minimized. Many proposed trees are concentrated along Warren Road and Ridge Road to enhance their rural character,” Smith said.
“The site plan includes a full landscape plan, which meets the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance.”
Smith recommended approval of the final site plan.