Thursday, September 3, 2020

School superintendent says student safety is top priority

Newly-hired Superintendent of Romulus Schools Dr. Benjamin P. Edmondson has made the safety of district students his top priority as plans for fall classes are under way.
In a recent communication of families, Edmondson said that as a parent himself, nothing is more important than knowing children are in the safest environment possible.
To that end, he said, district educators will be “champions of safety, personal, physical, emotional and intellectual.”
He said that the decision to offer virtual classes from Sept. 8 through at least Oct. 30 was “well thought out and considerate of our community.”
Edmondson explained that the members of the Romulus Community Schools Board of Education made the best possible decision offered to them, as the safety of students and staff had to be the first priority.
“I believe we made the best, available option in going virtual for a few months. Many schools are experiencing such a disruption to the school day due to positive tests and potential exposures. Even if we are able to provide some degree of face-to-face (traditional) interactions with limited student populations (ie, self-contained students, emotionally impaired), it is a safer option than opening up our entire district and risking full exposure to the virus,” he said.

He explained that district teachers are undergoing extensive “EDGENUITY training on how to deliver virtual instruction; this is not an easy task by any means. It takes dedication, consistency, and mind shift. For most, we are asking/demanding them to deliver instruction in a manner inconsistent with training, experience, and expertise,” he said.
He said the district special education staff members are scheduling caseloads for students, reorganizing the special education department, and assigning duties to administrative assistants within the central office. Building administrators are preparing  schools for opening, as it may unexpectedly happen without much notice, he said.
The district technology department is working to assist teachers' level of understanding with the EDGENUITY platform. They are assuring that building technology is up to date and secure, he said.
 Auxilio transportation staff are receiving COVID training, routing for current and new students, and ordering PPE for all drivers. Auxilio custodial staff are sanitizing buildings, installing PPE where warranted, and preparing buildings to meet the return to school expectations of the governor.
“We thank you for your ongoing support of the district and look forward to a positive school year in spite of the unknown,” Edmondson said in his Facebook post
Those who wish to enroll students can do so by calling (734) 532-1600 or visiting the local school. For those seeking Schools of Choice information, he suggested calling the same number for more information.