Thursday, September 10, 2020

Vote recount confirms incumbent supervisor's win

A recount of the primary election totals in Sumpter Township confirmed incumbent John Morgan as the winner in the race for township supervisor.

The recount, requested and funded by candidate Nelson Po, included nine precincts and all absentee ballots. 

Initial ballot totals were reported as 676 votes for Morgan and 327 for Po, including absentee ballots.The recount resulted in a total of 594 votes for Morgan and a total of 237 votes for Po. That was a decrease of 82 votes for Morgan and a loss of 90 votes for Po, all within the acceptable margins of error, according to the office of the Wayne County Clerk.

The recount cost Po $250 per precinct for a total of $2,250 paid to the Wayne County clerk. In his petition for the recall he said he had “a reasonable chance of winning the election.” The recount was open to the public.