Thursday, September 3, 2020

New evidence presented in teacher's sexual abuse trial

Jason William Dean
A former Michigan Hawks girls' soccer team coach who taught in both the Wayne-Westland and Northville schools is facing five counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.
Five charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct were filed in Oakland County last January after a woman came forth alleging the abuse by Jason William Dean when she was his student in 2010. She was 14 and Dean was her teacher and soccer and basketball coach, according to prosecutors.
Dean, of Livonia, was arraigned on the charges in January but prosecutors came forth earlier this month with more evidence from students in both the Northville and Wayne school districts where Dean taught and coached.

Prosecutors said that the testimony of the former students will demonstrate Dean's methods and speak to his character and show that his pattern of behavior continued after the 2010 incidents which allegedly took place while he was teaching at a private school in Springfield Township when he was in his late 20s.
Prosecutors claim that those encounters with the eighth grade student took place at her home in White Lake Township, inside a parked van, in the classroom, at a hotel, on an airplane, and at Dean's apartment.
Prosecutors also allege that Dean began the same behavior in 2011 at Wayne Memorial High School where he began a friendship with a student. The two reportedly exchanged notes and emails in which Dean complimented the student's body.
Prosecutors charge that in 2013 Dean attempted to return to the sexual relationship with the former Springfield Township school student who had transferred to another school. He allegedly emailed the then 17-year-old shirtless and then nude photos of himself with only his genitals covered.
Prosecutors also claim there is evidence that Dean inappropriately touched some Northville High School students who were interviewed following his arrest in January. The students, ages 14 to 18 years of age,  described improper conduct, close relationships with Dean, some intimate touching along with promises of special treatment or rewards based on their attire.
The admissibility of the new witness accounts has not been determined by the court. Dean's next court appearance is set this month.