Thursday, April 22, 2021

City infrastructure construction continues in Romulus

Romulus Mayor Leroy Burcroff has a very nice problem.

Burcroff recently asked residents to “pardon the dust” in the city as various community infrastructure projects continue construction.

Burcroff said than many of the projects are in response to requests or concerns expressed by residents and that the city had responded.

Currently under construction, he said is the new Ozga Sanitary Sewer. a  new sewer line from The Progressive Hall to St. Aloysius Church to service the residents along the West side of Ozga who have failing sewers.

Also causing some construction dust is the current work on the reconstruction and water main project on Barth Road. Barth is being resurfaced following the installation of a new water main as the current water pipes is deficient with fire flows for nearby residents and schools. If any lead metal water service lines are encountered during the project, they will be removed in their entirety, Burcroff said.

Throughout the city, the sanitary sewers are under rehabilitation, Burcroff said, being conducted by Granite Liner Construction. This project spans across the entire city and will include the cleaning of the sewer lines and rehabilitation of the sewers in specific districts in the city.

Wayne County has partnered with the city, Burcroff said, to finally reconstruct the Hannan and Northline Road intersection, something he has persistently insisted needed attention. Van Buren Township is also a paratner in the reconstruction which is designed to make the area safer by turning the boulevard intersection into a necked-down intersection with a traffic light.

The Great Lakes Water Authority is in the  final stages of making connections and installing appurtenances along the newly installed water main . The roadway from Wick, Cogswell and Tyler roads will be paved in fall 2021, Burcroff said.

The City of Romulus has been awarded a $400,000 non-vehicle pathway grant to construct a sidewalk from the I-275 bike path to the downtown area. Construction has started and is estimated to finish this fall, Burcroff added.

“We are hard at work making improvements throughout the City of Romulus. We ask that you please excuse our dust as we work to make the City of Romulus an even better place to live, work and play through these projects.

“If you have any questions or concerns, please call (734) 942-7579,” Burcroff added in a social media post.