Thursday, April 1, 2021

Her Honor

During Women's History Month which ended yesterday,  the City of Westland celebrated the achievements of the only individual in the history of the city to lead all three branches of the governing bodies in the community; legislative, executive, and judicial. Current 18th District Judge Sandra Ference Cicirelli was first elected to the Westland City Council in 1990, where she served as council president for 6 years. She was elected mayor of Westland in 2002 and then elected as 18th District Judge in 2007, where she currently continues to serve the community. Called "a true trailblazer," Cicirelli has served the community for four decades including participation with the Westland Youth Assistance Program, the Westland Chamber of Commerce, the Westland Jaycees, the Westland Goodfellows and several other local community groups. Cicirelli is the mother of two and grandmother of two.