Thursday, April 1, 2021

New parking plan under way

Beginning today, April 1, there will be specific 15-minute parking spaces in downtown Plymouth to accommodate local businesses.

Tony Bruscato, director of the Plymouth Downtown Development Authority (DDA) said that during the past year, city officials and the DDA have “worked together to creatively assist the business community.”

He said that the city has allowed expanding sidewalk patios onto the street using parking spaces as an example of the efforts to help downtown businesses. He said that will continue this year. In addition, he said, city officials approved the striping of Fleet Street to allow for 15-minute parking and both food serving and retail establishments were given the opportunity to request 15-minute on-street parking for curbside takeout service during their hours of operation. Many businesses took advantage of these opportunities when the State of Michigan limited building capacity to 25 percent, he said. 

As the state is now allowing for up to 50 percent capacity and the installation of patio extensions for restaurant and retail establishments, a review the curbside and carryout spots and their impact on the parking inventory is necessary, Bruscato said.

“With the sunset of the current business-specific curbside takeout parking program occurring on April 1, the city, in partnership with the DDA, is instituting a program that will designate 15-minute parking spots common to all, and not specific to any one business,” he said in a prepared statement. “These spots will be strategically placed throughout the downtown to assist the business community in providing curbside or carryout service while increasing efficiency by freeing up spaces that have only been used periodically.”

Bruscato added that the city has also approved the installation of signage for the parking spots throughout the DDA district beginning April 1, the same day the previous curbside takeout parking program is set to expire. 

Each street will have 15-minute spots, and they will be enforced seven days a week, to allow all businesses to benefit. 

For more information, call the DDA office, (734) 455-1453.