Thursday, June 24, 2021

Reconstruction of I-275 set to begin next month

As July 4th approaches and COVID 19 pandemic restrictions are eased, many area residents are planning family gatherings and celebrations which may involve local travel.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), however,  also has plans for the area and the two may not be compatible. The state will begin the much publicized and long-scheduled major reconstruction of Interstate 275 beginning in July. The roadwork will continue, according to state officials, for four years and cost an estimated $257 million.

The 24-mile reconstruction will include all lanes of the interstate located in Plymouth, Canton Township and Northville, along with Livonia. Construction is planned from Will Carlton Road to Six Mile Road, according to state officials and will begin next month between Will Carlton and Northville roads. 

Culverts will also be replaced between Northline Road and Five Mile Road during this first phase of the work which is expected to continue through November. While lanes may be closed, access to the roads will be provided although some entry and exit ramps may be temporarily closed during the work. This first section of the construction is expected to cost about $15 million, according to officials.

The Metro Trail, installed alongside the interstate will be closed at M-14 and Schoolcraft Road so joggers and cyclists who use this route will not have access to that path during a short time this summer, officials said. 

According to Jeff Horne, the MDOT project manager for the I-275 project, the bridge at M-14 and Schoolcraft will be repaired which will necessitate the closing of the Metro Trail. He said that the closure should be comparatively short while the bridge repairs are completed. 

Following this initial phase beginning next month, MDOT has scheduled road rebuilding on the southbound lanes between Northline and Five Mile roads during 2022; road rebuilding on the northbound lanes between Northline Road and M-14 in 2023 and road rebuilding on the northbound lanes between M-14 and Five Mile Road in 2024.

“We're very excited; we can't wait,” Horne said. “We've been thinking about this every day for the past year.”