Thursday, June 3, 2021

Wayne councilman resigns

Anthony Miller
Wayne Councilman Anthony Miller has announced his resignation from the municipal body. He said his last meeting will be this month and that he has sold his Wayne home and will be moving from the city to Florida.

Miller was first appointed to the city council Dec. 16, 2014 and took office in January of 2015. He won election to a full term on the council in November of 2016 and was selected as Mayor Pro Tem in January of 2017. He was reelected in November of 2018 and his current term will continue until Nov. 14, 2022. 

Miller said that he turned 62 this year and retired in March. A brief vacation trip to Florida following his new-found freedom turned into a month-long stay and “things just snowballed from there.” He said he found a new home in Florida and that selling his Wayne house was “financially a good move.”

Miller said he was humbled and honored to have been able to serve on the city council and to have been reelected twice by voters.

“I also ran for mayor last year and lost by only about 116 or so votes. I didn't spend $1,000 on that campaign which meant that people placed their trust in me,” he said. “For fellow residents to place that level of trust in you is an amazing thing,” he said.

Miller added that he stands by everything he said in that mayoral campaign and that he has “no regrets.” 

“I think and I hope I made an impact,” he said. “I know the administration and council had issues with me, but I was there to hold their feet to the fire. I was hired by the residents, not the council,” he said. 

The remaining members of the council have 30 days, by state law, to fill the remainder of his term.  

Miller said that serving on the council had been an “amazing experience with some things I wasn't expecting, but that goes with the territory.”

He said during his time on the council he stood “for what I believed in.”

“I think people respected and believed in me. They knew what I stood for,” he said. “There is no stronger element of character than to have your fellow residents place their trust in you,” he concluded.