Thursday, June 3, 2021

Westland plans neighborhood police meetings

Westland police want to "take a meeting" with local residents as part of a new community policing initiative called the Westland Police Neighborhood Safety Program. 

"Our police department recognizes that every neighborhood has different concerns and public safety needs," said Mayor William R. Wild. "The goal of this program is to meet directly with the residents of specific neighborhoods to discuss their concerns." 

The program will set up meetings at various locations and in various neighborhoods in the city. The first meeting is set for 10 a.m. this Saturday, June 5, at Rotary Park in the city.

“Working in partnership with neighborhood residents, the Westland Police Department will identify and resolve specific quality of life problems or concerns in particular areas. In addition, this is a great opportunity for neighbors to meet each other while also meeting their city police officers,” Wild said. 

 "Neighbors working in partnership with each other - neighbors working in partnership with officers, is how we strengthen the community," commented Police Chief Jeff Jedrusik. 

With the cooperation of Westland residents, the Westland Police Department will be able to identify neighborhood traffic concerns; neighbor disputes; vandalism; potential drugs; thefts and public safety concerns in these partnership meetings, officials said. The police will provide crime statistics specific to the neighborhood and safety tips. 

The first Neighborhood Safety meeting will take place in Rotary Park with a specific focus on the businesses and homes between Marquette/Cherry Hill and Wayne/Radcliff.  Wild, Jedrusik and members of the Westland Community Police Team will be in attendance. 

Rotary Park is located at 601 Hanlon, Westland. 

Wild said there will be regular meetings scheduled throughout the year in order to specifically focus on Westland neighborhoods individually. Further information will available at