Thursday, June 10, 2021

Water main repairs could affect Inkster residents

Last week, a crew from the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) ll performed water meter replacements near the intersections of Michigan Avenue (US -12), west of Inkster Road in Inkster. 

When  routine work, such as a meter replacement is done, the water utility crew opens and closes valves which may cause pressure changes or flow reversals in a water main near the areas specified. This may cause the dislodging or stirring up of rust debris that can build up over time and float freely during maintenance activities. 

When this happens, it may cause cold water to become discolored, rusty, yellow or cloudy. 

Residents experiencing rusty water due to water main work activity should not use the water for cooking or drinking; use an alternative source of water during the time the water is rusty or discolored, officials said. 

The use of dishwashers, laundry, showers or a baths, or other activities using hot water are not advised until the cold water in the home runs clear, as this will help prevent the rusty, discolored water from entering the residential hot water tank. If that happens, the hot water tank should be flushed to rid it of the rusty water. 

Residents should check their cold water for discoloration by turning on a cold water tap for a few minutes every hour and then fill a white cup with water and look to see if it is still discolored. 

If the water is still discolored repeat this process every hour until it runs clear. It may take between one and eight hours for water to return to normal. Once the water is clear, turn on all the cold water taps in the home for at least five minutes. 

When the cold water runs clear, normal use for cooking, drinking, laundry and other uses can continue safety.

Residents should contact the Inkster Water Department if the rusty water persists. 

If the hot water in the home is used during the time the cold water was discolored, it will be necessary to flush the tank for safety. Instructions are provided at Flush-a-Water-Heater. 

If laundry is stained from rusty or discolored water, a rust remover product can be used if the laundry was not dried using heat from a dryer. Residents can try the techniques at more information or questions, contact the Inkster Department of Public Services at (313) 563-9774.