Thursday, June 10, 2021

Virtual meetings to continue

A recent outbreak of COVID-19 which shut down township hall for more than a week has prompted members of the Sumpter Board of Trustees to continue virtual meetings until July 1.

During the study session prior to the regular meeting May 25, Trustee Tim Rush asked the members of the board for their opinions regarding in-person or virtual meetings considering the recent outbreak at township hall. 

“I'm sitting on the fence,” he said. “The governor says everything is open, but I want to know how everybody feels about it. I've had both shots although I know you can still get the disease,” he said. 

Township Supervisor Tim Bowman said that he was not yet in favor of in person meetings.

“We just had an outbreak in the township that shut the whole show down,” he reminded the board members. “I'd like to continue with the virtual meetings, but that is just my opinion.”

Rush said he, too, was comfortable with the virtual meetings.

During the regular meeting, when the item was discussed, Trustee Peggy Morgan, who had experienced technical difficulties in participating in the meeting, said that she wanted to resume in-person meetings.

“I don't know how you all feel, but our community center and senior center are now open, people are vaccinated and they can wear masks if they choose. I think it is time to allow residents back into meetings. We do work for the residents,” she said.

Bowman responded that his opinion was “totally the opposite.  COVID shut the township hall down last week,” he reminded Morgan.

A motion to continue requiring masks and other OSHA pandemic until July 1 when the issue will be revisited was approved by the members of the board in the absence of Clerk Esther Hurst and Treasurer James Clark.