Thursday, January 19, 2023

Celebration of a century

Canton Township resident marks 100th birthday with family

Jean Hayward
Jean Hayward had something very special to write about in her personal journal last week when she marked her 100th birthday.

Hayward, the former owner of Hayward's Party Store in Belleville where she and her husband lived for many years, celebrated the milestone at Waltonwood Cherry Hill in Canton Township where she currently resides. The party included a dessert bar and a special reading about her life by Logan Winston, her assisted living life enrichment manager. Her daughter, Connee Morris, was among the four generations of family members on hand to help her and her many friends celebrate.

Born in Denton, she and her husband sold the party store they had owned where, she said, she loved doing the books. Following a divorce, she moved to Carleton in 1984 and worked in the oil/gas station business. She moved to Waltonwood Cherry Hill about 4.5 years ago, she said.

Among the family members on hand to help Jean Hayward
celebrate her 100th birthday were, from left, her
great-granddaughter Jessica Gross, Hayward,
granddaughter Kristin Gross and Haywards daughter,
Connee Morris. Seated in the wheelchair is Hayward's
sister, Phyllis Stein.
An avid journaler, she said she was “definitely going to write about this,” as the celebration continued. She also warned the group that she intended to take any leftover cake back to her room with her.

“I'm feeling like I'm being pumped more and more and more. By the end of the day, I'm going to explode with happiness,” she said of her celebration. “I just have had a wonderful life. It's been pretty good,” she added.