Thursday, January 5, 2023

District classrooms to begin ALICE emergency drills

Superintendent of Wayne Westland Community Schools John Dignan told parents
 recently that all district classrooms would begin ALICE emergency safety drills.
Students in the Wayne Westland Community Schools will be participating in safety drills beginning this month.

In a letter to parents, Superintendent of Schools John Dignan explained that the district staff members have been trained in ALICE (Alert/Lockdown/ Inform/Counter/Evacuate) procedures which are implemented in the event of unauthorized individuals entering any school building. In January, he said, students would begin to transition from the traditional shelter-in-place lockdown drills to ALICE drills.

“ALICE training will equip our students with knowledge of what they can do in an emergency.

“It will also demonstrate how to be aware of their surroundings, explain their options, and reinforce that adults will support them,” Dignan said in his letter to parents.

As part of the new protocols, students will practice the classroom ALICE drill after being instructed by their teachers, in the same way they practice fire and tornado drills.

The staff and students will be notified when an ALICE drill will begin and teachers will instruct students to quietly listen to the adult(s) in the classroom or the announcements.

During the drills, teachers will remind students that there will be options depending on the situation. Students will practice barricading and evacuating during each drill.

“As with all of our drills, there will be an emphasis on listening to the adult(s) they are with so that students can react appropriately,” Dignan continued.

“We are providing this information in advance to strengthen your understanding of what we share with students and allow you to have conversations at home,” the letter concluded.