Thursday, March 16, 2023

Canton set to begin cross connection water flow inspections

More than 11,000 homes in Canton Township will experience an inspection of the water supply cross connection as part of the township Residential Cross Connection Control Program.

The inspections are mandated by the State of Michigan as cross connections pose a serious public health threat to a drinking water supply system, with most residential contamination risks coming from underground irrigation systems, township officials said. Currently, more than 11,000 homes in Canton have such systems and will require backflow device testing.

To accommodate the large number of homes and limited certified testing companies, township officials have proposed a five-year rotational schedule for inspection and testing. The testing will begin in Zone 4 this spring. 

To determine in which zone a residence is located, residents can visit and click on the Cross-Connection Map.

Township officials sent a letter to all homeowners association representatives and homeowner groups to better explain the program and answer any questions. 

To view a copy of that letter, visit View/11117/Residential-Cross-Connection-Letter.