Thursday, March 16, 2023


Mayor loses ‘friendly’ wager on hockey game 

The Westland Police Community Partnership Hockey Team faced off last weekend against the Garden City Police Department in a charity hockey game to benefit Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. Devin Kachar. 

More than $6,500 was generated to help fund medical expenses for Kachar who was paralyzed due to gunshot injuries sustained in September while on a surveillance assignment. Kachar was critically wounded  during the incident.

Garden City Police Department players defeated  the Westland players by a score of 11-7. The loss was also a defeat for Mayor Mike Londeau who was forced to wear a Garden City player's jersey during the meeting of the Westland City Council last week as part of a friendly wager with Garden City Mayor Mark Jacobs.  

Kachar's family sent a letter thanking both communities and the respective police forces for the support and financial help the charity game provided.

 “There were no losers on the ice, only heroes,” the letter said.