Thursday, March 23, 2023

Leaf pick-up program to resume

Westland residents are welcoming the return of a popular city service beginning next fall.
Members of the city council and  Mayor Michael P. Londeau have approved the reinstatement of the Curbside Leaf Pickup Program which was eliminated several years ago due to budget cuts and the cost of the service.
In a prepared statement, officials said city residents who currently have curbside trash pickup will also receive leaf pickup service at no additional cost. This fall, residents can rake leaves into the street for pickup and removal. Leaves can also be bagged for pickup on resident's regular trash pick up day. Londeau said the reinstatement of the program was in response to multiple requests from residents who continually asked for the return of the service.
Reinstatement of  the Leaf Pickup Program will be funded by savings realized from the renegotiated contract with the city landfill provider, officials said.
As arrangements for the program are finalized, feedback and input from residents is an important component of the successful implementation of the service, officials noted. There is a brief survey on the city website to allow residents to provide opinions and suggestions about the program.
Officials urged residents to complete the survey at