Thursday, March 23, 2023

Students’ Acts of Kindness recognized by council

City officials, teachers and family members were on hand for the
 March presentation of awards to students who demonstrated Random
 Acts of Kindness in the Wayne-Westland schools. Winners this month were
Emily DeLane, Monique Oliver and Naomi Dugger.  
Members of the Westland City Council officially recognized the three winners of Random Acts of Kindness awards this month.

The program is a partnership between members of the Westland Compassionate City Committee and the Wayne-Westland Community Schools. The three winners this month were Emily DeLane of Adams Middle School, Monique Oliver, also from Adams Middle School, and Naomi Dugger of Stevenson Middle School. 

DeLane was selected for her attention and interaction with special education students at Adams Middle School. DeLane spends her lunch hour with the students every day and handmade each of the students a backpack with their names. 

Oliver was nominated by teacher Simone Argue and the Peer to Peer students at Adams Middle School. She is being recognized for her compassion, kindness, and leadership while working with students. Her teacher said students in the Peer to Peer Program adore Oliver. The Peer to Peer Program pairs students  with a differently abled student to encourage understanding and friendship.

Dugger was cited as a model student and is noted for going out of her way to help other students, according to her nomination. She eats breakfast with students who would otherwise be alone. Her kindness and respect for others is amazing and we can hope others will follow her lead, her nomination form noted. She is also a student in the “Students who Need a Pal” class at Stevenson.