Thursday, March 23, 2023

Northville clerk, trustee switch official positions

Judge James Plakas of the 35th District Court
administered the oath of office to Northville Township Deputy Clerk
Katie Anderson and new Township Clerk Cynthia Jankowski.
Cynthia Jankowski was officially sworn into her new office as Northville Township Clerk March 16. Judge James Plakas of the 35th District Court administered the oath of office to Jankowski just before the regular meeting of the board of trustees.

“I accept this role with pride,” Jankowski said. “It's an exciting time to help Northville Township and our residents. I'm here to ensure that our elections are safe and secure. Every vote truly counts,” Jankowski said.

Judge James Plakas of the 35th District Court administered
the oath of office to former clerk and new board
of trustees member Roger Lundberg.
Jankowski accepted the appointment to the full-time position when former Township Clerk Roger Lundberg submitted his resignation during the February board of trustees meeting. As provided in state law, board trustees selected Jankowski, who was serving as a trustee, as Lundberg's replacement. The appointment process allows the township to avoid the cost of a special election, township officials said. 

Lundberg submitted his resignation effective March 16 noting that he wanted to spend more time with his family.  He said he did, however, want to continue to serve the township. Board members responded by appointing him to fill the term vacated by Jankowski as she became clerk.

Both Jankowski and Lundberg were elected to the board of trustees in November of 2020. 

“Having the same faces on our board respects the wishes of voters from the 2020 election,” said Township Supervisor Mark J. Abbo. “We're a terrific team and staying together means we can continue to tackle the vision we set forth in 2020.” 

Lundberg was sworn into office as a trustee during the same meeting along with Deputy Clerk Katie Anderson, who retained her title.

As a member of the board, Jankowski represented the Senior Advisory Commission and the Northville Youth Network Commission. 

Prior to joining the board, she spent nine years on the Northville Board of Education. She had three terms as president, and also served as board secretary, treasurer, trustee and vice president. While on the school board, she served as a liaison to the Landfill Working Group. She also is a member of the Northville Historical Society. 

Jankowski has had careers in both Michigan and California as a real estate leasing coordinator and a 30-year paralegal. 

Jankowski received her associate degree in accounting from Tiffin University in Ohio and her ABA-approved paralegal certificate from Rancho Santiago College in California. 

“I'm looking forward to working with great folks and tackling challenges as a team,” Jankowski added.