Thursday, October 5, 2023

City awarded $5.7 million fire safety grant

The City of Westland Fire Department has been awarded a Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response grant (SAFER) through FEMA in the amount of $5,709,867. The grant will fund the employment of 15 firefighters for a period of three years. Unlike years past, this year the grant award required no city matching funds, officials said. 

SAFER grants are awarded to communities to ensure compliance with National Fire Protection standards that relate to the staffing of fire stations, response times, and overall assembly of force to efficiently deliver service more effectively and safely. The grant assists fire departments with staffing and deployment capabilities to respond to emergencies and assure adequate protection from fire and other hazards, said officials. 

Only a small percentage of the thousands of departments who apply are awarded SAFER grants.

“Public Safety is a top priority and we are very fortunate to be awarded with this very competitive grant,” commented Mayor Michael P. Londeau. “I am committed to providing our fire department with the resources and manpower they require to adequately protect our community.” 

The Westland Fire Department recently hired six new firefighters which brought the force up to the 2023-24 budgeted staffing level. Recruitment for new firefighters will begin immediately, Londeau said. The addition of 15 new firefighters comes after a comprehensive evaluation of the city emergency response needs and a consultation with fire department officials.  

Communities across the country are experiencing public safety shortages,” Londeau continued. “I express my deepest gratitude to Senator (Debbie) Stabenow and Senator (Gary) Peters for their diligence in securing these federal funds for Westland.”