Thursday, October 12, 2023

‘Library of Things’ is now available in Northville

The Northville District Library offers much more than the traditional books, CDs, and movies that most people might expect. 

The newest collection available in the Northville facility is the Library of Things. The library has offered T-Mobile hotspots for years, as well as webcams, and more recently tabletop telescopes. In the last year STEM kits for children were added. This summer fishing poles for adults and children were added and this month sees the addition of even more items to this special collection including: Birding Kits, Disc Golf sets, Personal CD Players, Portable CD players, a Sony Blu-Ray Player, and a Travel Chess Set, librarians said.

The birding kits available for loan include a backpack with binoculars and how-to books on birding. The newly available Disc Golf sets feature a set of discs to take along to a local course and play.

The library also has personal CD players available for loan which can be plugged into an outlet. Borrowers can play favorite CDs while on vacation or doing household chores. Portable CD players, which some fondly remember as Discmans, do not require a WiFi connection. This player requires batteries and headphones, which are not included in the kit.

The new Travel Chess Set  allows borrowers to take the game wherever they find opponents in the classic game of strategy. The library also offers several books on chess, illustrating hundreds of tactics to checkmate the king of your adversary. 

Librarians said more items will be added to the Library of Things available at the Northville location.

For more information, visit Northville District Library on Facebook: NDLFacebook, visit: www., email:, or call 248-349-3020.