Thursday, October 19, 2023

Water advisory in effect

Bottled water was distributed to residents affected by
 both the boil water advisories in Romulus last week.
Firefighters handed out water from fire headquarters. 
A second boil water advisory has been imposed in the City of Romulus.

The latest advisory, issued by the city on Tuesday, Oct. 17, advised residents who live between Huron River Drive and Inkster Road not to drink the water unless they first boiled it for one minute and then let it cool. The boiled or bottled water was recommended for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes or preparing food.

 Bottled water is available for affected residents at the Romulus Fire Department Headquarters located at 28777 Eureka Road. Proof of residency within the impacted area is required.  

"Crews are continuing to work to resolve the issue.  We will provide notification as soon as the boil water alert has been lifted," officials said.

The first water advisory was issued by Director of Public Works Roberto Scappaticci last week in response to a water main break on Oct. 7. Residents were advised that the drop in water pressure in the area south of Eureka Road, west of Inkster Road and east of Huron River Drive could allow for bacterial contamination in the water system. The bacteria are generally not harmful, Scappaticci noted in an advisory to residents of the area.

The break was detected by pressure testing on Middlebelt Road south of Eureka but has now been repaired. That advisory was lifted Oct. 10 but the latest warning remains in effect.

In his advisory, Scappaticci explained that the advisory was issued last Tuesday as a precautionary action and that whenever a water system loses pressure for any significant length of time, precautionary measures are recommended by state authorities.

He added that staff members would be performing tests and flushing the water system to ensure the safety of the water.