Thursday, October 5, 2023

New Cricket patch now open at Millenium Park

The new Millenium Park
Cricket patch is now open.
Northville Township may now host games of cricket at Millennium Park. 

Northville Township Board of Trustees members and the Northville Parks & Recreation Commission separately approved the construction of a cricket pitch between fields 1 and 2 at Millennium Park. 

The work was completed this week, officials announced. 

Northville Cricket Club, under the umbrella of the Michigan Cricket Association hosted a grand opening of the pitch Sept. 30 at followed by the opening game. 

Construction of the 10 feet wide by 102 feet long pitch consisted of excavation, and installation of a concrete pad and approved turf on an oval-shaped field. 

Local players have been requesting a pitch in Northville Township for about five years, said Derek O. Smith, director of Northville Parks & Recreation. 

“We have some devoted cricket fans in this area and Northville Parks & Recreation is happy to bring the sport closer to their homes,” he said. 

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game often compared to baseball. Two teams of 11 players compete and at the center of the field is a pitch that has a wicket at each end. The team at bat strikes the ball that's bowled at one of the wickets and runs between the wickets. The fielding team tries to prevent this by getting the ball to either wicket to dismiss the batter (or get the player out). When 10 batters are dismissed, the inning ends.

Because of regular use, the condition of the pitch changes over the course of a match, but the pitch cannot be repaired or altered except in extreme circumstances. 

The changing conditions impact the game and add to the excitement of the game, officials said. 

“We used artificial turf on our pitch because we expect it to be used frequently,” Smith said. 

“This will require less maintenance over time and that will help to contain costs.” 

Northville Parks & Recreation received three bids for the project and awarded the $34,000 contract to the lowest bidder, JSS Macomb. 

“This is another unique amenity we are excited to introduce to our region,” said Northville Township Supervisor Mark J. Abbo. “Not only does it show we are focusing on improving the quality of life for our residents, but also that we pay attention to the wants and needs of our residents. 

With this addition, along with Unity Skatepark which opens in late fall, we are really creating something special at Millennium Park.” 

Millennium Park is located at 45769 Six Mile Road.