Thursday, December 30, 2021

Canton Municipal Services receives re-accreditation

The Canton Township Municipal Services Department recently received full accreditation by the American Public Works Association (APWA) for the second time. This accreditation formally verifies and recognizes that the agency is in full compliance with the recommended management practices set forth in the APWA Public Works Management Practices Manual.  

The purpose of accreditation is to promote excellence in the operation and management of a public works agency, its programs and employees, according to a spokesman. Accreditation is designed to assist the agency in continuous improvement of operations and management, and in providing a valid and objective evaluation of agency programs as a service to the public and the profession.

Open to all governmental agencies with responsibilities for public works functions, initial accreditation from APWA is for a four-year period, during which time semi-annual updates are required to demonstrate continuing compliance. Canton Municipal Services received initial accreditation in 2017 and applied for reaccreditation in 2021. The re-accreditation process builds on the original accreditation, encouraging continuous improvement and compliance with newly identified practices.

“The continuation of accreditation for the township of Canton Municipal Services Department indicates staff from have met all applicable accreditation documentation and practices over time,” noted a statement from township department Director Jade Smith “The awarding of the APWA Accreditation reflects the dedication from all the staff towards continues improvement and excellence. We are extremely proud to receive this honor. The heroes of this prestigious APWA award are the public works staff whose mission is to provide services and programs that contribute to making Canton a great place to live and work.”.

For more information about Canton municipal services, call (734) 394-5160.