Thursday, July 21, 2022

Amazon delivers $1,000 donation to city police

Romulus public safety officers will be a bit safer thanks to a recent donation from Amazon.

Amazon DTW1 Loss Prevention Manager Jennifer Underwood and Procurement Specialist Denzel Raines presented a donation of $1,000 to the Romulus Public Safety Foundation last month. The donation came in response to a month-long community safety campaign which began in April 2022. Funds are used to advance public safety interests such as innovative projects, education, and equipment for Romulus residents, officials explained. 

 “We are very thankful to the folks at Amazon DTW1 who are very generous to support the Romulus Public Safety Foundation with this donation and even volunteering their time at various foundation events which support public safety awareness,” said Kevin Krause, director of fire services and emergency management for the Romulus Fire Department. “Jennifer Underwood from Amazon as well as Mark Estes from US Ecology are newer trustees with the foundation but their involvement has already made a huge impact in the Romulus community. For example a few weeks ago, US Ecology donated meals to Romulus paramedic firefighters for National EMS Week, which Mark coordinated,” he added.

 Donations allow the Romulus Public Safety Foundation to fund the purchase of items like 30 tactical gunshot and trauma response kits which cost nearly $4,500, a foundation spokesman said. Donated funds from Amazon DTW1 offset the increasing cost for tactical kits which were purchased and sent directly to the Romulus Police Department for immediate use. The cost for 30 tactical kits increased by $600 in the three months to collect and raise donation funds to purchase them, he added. 

Romulus Police Chief Robert Pfannes said he was “grateful to Amazon and Romulus Public Safety Foundation, that officers will have the equipment available to provide the saving care in the worst case scenarios imaginable.” The donated equipment will be used as a gunshot response kit, survival kit, and individual first aid kit. The kit allows for easy one-handed access to supplies in an emergency situation. The pouch is durable and includes a tourniquet, tactical gloves, pressure bandage, gauze, burn dressing, trauma shears, foil blanket, and elastic bandages.

More information about the Romulus Public Safety Foundation is available at  or