Thursday, July 28, 2022

Council approves funding for first city dog park

The dog days of summer are soon to be a reality in Westland as construction of the new off-leash dog park is set to begin.

The new facility will be constructed next to the city recycling center on Marquette and will have separate areas for large and smaller dogs. The park will include benches for dog parents along with a dog water station and an agility course in each area. The new facility will dedicate about a half- acre in size for smaller dogs and an acre of park for larger dogs.

Members of the Westland City Council approved a bid of $245,500 from Sole Building Company in Westland for the park and constructed was set to begin this summer and be complete this year. Funding is from the Parks and Recreation Capital Improvement Budget.  

Officials said there would be a city-wide contest to name the new dog park.

“The All-American City looks forward to offering this great new amenity to the Westland residents and their special four-legged friends as well,” said Westland Mayor William R. Wild.