Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Customer returns cash canister to credit union

Surveillance cameras caught the image of
George Condash returning the cash canister to the credit union. 
George Condash seems to define the term “honest man”
Last week, Condash, a Westland resident, noticed a plastic container in the drive through lane near the Wayne Westland Credit Union on Wayne Road.
He said he thought that the rectangular, dark-colored box was probably trash and that somebody should pick it up so that everyone using the ATM or drive through wouldn't have to swerve around it. He stopped his car, got out and picked up the plastic cassette, only to discover that it was full of cash.

Video surveillance cameras show that Condash, 53, looked at the cassette he picked up and then without hesitation took it back inside the credit union.  An outside label on the container said it contained $40,000.
Condash, a pipe fitter at Ford Motor Co., took it into the credit union building and asked if there was a reward for returning $40,000 as he put the container on the counter.  There was, in fact, only $27,000 in the black plastic container.
A guard from an armored truck service left the cassette containing the cash on the driveway pavement during a pick up from the credit union about a half hour before Condash discovered it at around 2 p.m. 
“It's not mine and any honest person, I would hope, would take it back in,” Condash is quoted as saying.
His actions have drawn attention on social media and with television news crews who reported his actions.
Alicia Stewart of the Wayne Westland Credit Union presented Condash with a small reward as a token of appreciation for his actions in returning the cash to the cashier at the counter.
 “It could've ended in a very different way for us, but Mr. Condash was very honest, and a good person to return the money, so we appreciate that very much,” Stewart said.