Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Well wishes

Canton begins year-long health and wellness programs at Summit facility

Canton Township will present Live Well Canton 2020, a year-long fitness program to help area residents live longer, more active lives.
Canton Leisure Services will present a year filled with mini-fitness challenges, opportunities to walk and swim at the Summit on the Park, educational programs, winter walking and hiking tips, and much more.
Recognizing the challenges of the sedentary lifestyle that so many Americans often fall victim to, especially during the darker, colder months, January 2020 featured activities will focus on increasing physical activity for all ages. 
With obesity still on the rise in adults and children, it often continues to be a contributing factor to chronic and acute illnesses, such as" diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, stroke, and heart attack. Staying active for even 20-minutes a day, and working to maintain a healthy weight can help combat these risks, explained Jennifer Provenzano, recreation and cultural arts supervisor.
The programs are offered to residents throughout the area and are not limited to township residents and are often free or at little cost, she added.
"Most individuals are aware that stress, time constraints and the ready availability of unhealthy food options leave many of us frustrated to lead fit and healthier lives," said Provenzano. "Live Well Canton 2020 is designed to help participants take the necessary steps to adopt healthier habits and make health and wellness a top priority in their lives."
Live Well Canton 2020 featured topics, include:
• January: Get Moving!
• February: Heart Health: Active vs. Sedentary Lifestyles
• March: Eating for Wellness
• April: Environmental Health
• May: Mental Health Awareness Month/Self-Care/Arts for Stress Relief
• June: Love Your Parks Month
• July: Safe Fun in the Sun
• August: Substance Abuse Awareness and Smoking Cessation
September: Healthy Kids/ Healthy Future
• October: Domestic Violence Awareness
• November: Financial Health and Well Being
• December: Winter Wellness
This year-long program offers plenty of information and resources to help participants adopt a healthier lifestyle. Information about Live Well Canton 2020 resources and offerings throughout this year-long program are available at 
To learn more about Live Well Canton 2020, visit or call (734) 394-5460.