Thursday, May 28, 2020

Canton Dog Park now open

The Canton Dog Park reopened this week to allow members and their four-legged friends to enjoy the weather.  Members are also asked to act responsibly and to adhere to the accepted guidelines when visiting the dog park, according to a township spokesman.
Members and pets use the park at their own risk and are expected to keep at least a 6-foot distance from others. Members are asked to wear face coverings at all times and to keep groups of people small and spread out as much as possible.

Park visitors are urged to sanitize hands before, during, and after using the park and to be extra cautious of coming into contact with surfaces such as gates, fences  etc.
No water will be available on-site, so members are reminded to bring their own. Officials urge members to avoid petting other people's dogs and to remain vigilant about cleaning up after their own dog.
“Since these grounds require continual upkeep, members are asked to share the responsibility by helping refill holes caused by digging, as well as other minor maintenance concerns,” officials said.
Members were reminded, too, that key fob issues may take several days to process.  For information, questions or problems, email