Thursday, May 21, 2020

Office building plan OK'd

Owners of the CNC machine shop in Plymouth have gone above and beyond for the health and welfare of one employee.
The company is planning to build a 3,000 square-foot office building to accommodate the extreme allergies suffered by their Certified Public Accountant (CPA). 
According to Peter Tzilos, the architect on the CNC building project, the new building will serve as an office for the company. 
The CPA needs to be in an environment away from an industrial setting, Tzilos told members of the Northville Township Planning Commis-sion during a site plan review of the project earlier this month. 
“They're building this building primarily for her.”
The office building will be located on Five Mile Road near Haggerty, next to the Northville Forest apartment complex. 
To accommodate the construction, trees and brush on the wooded site will be removed. 
The developer will contribute money for about 23 trees into the township tree fund, according to Township Planner Jennifer Frey.
Commissioners unanimously approved the site plan for the building.