Thursday, May 21, 2020

Funding for veterans memorial nears goal

The Veterans Memorial project in Wayne had nearly reached the goal of $20,000 last week, although final totals were unavailable with three days left on the campaign.
The effort saw more than $1,500 donated for the new memorial during the last few days of the campaign. In reaching the $20,000 goal, the donations will be matched by the Michigan Economic Development Corp. for a total of $40,000 to complete the tribute to honor veterans throughout the Wayne area.
The project began in 2016 when veterans met with city officials requesting a lasting tribute for the many who served their country, including those who gave their lives, were missing in action or taken as prisoners of war.
The Wayne Memorial Veterans Committee members are hoping the $20,000 goal for the project was reached last week. At the proposed site of the project, next to Wayne City Hall are: Mike Smith (UAW Local 900); Allison Hug (UAW Local 845); Wayne Community Development Director Lori Gouin; Mayor John Rhaesa; Mayor Pro tem  Tom Porter; Faye Williams (UAW Local 845) and Director of Wayne Building and Engineering Department Michael Buiten. Not pictured are: Alfred Brock; Chris Miller (UAW Local 900); Bill Johnson (UAW Local 900);Assistant Director of the Wayne Department of Public Works Ed Queen; Wayne City Manager Lisa Nocerini and the late Lloyd Allen (UAW Local 900).            

City officials approved the project and approved the site at the south side of Wayne City Hall for the memorial where a Americans With Disabilities Act compliant path is already installed next to the building. Officials also agreed to reserve parking spaces in the area for veterans and handicapped visitors.
The project will include the memorial, excavation and pavement installation, a new flag pole and flag, lighting benches, landscaping and signage and 5 years of maintenance.
The monument, adjacent to Goudy Park, will be accessible year round, according to plans for the memorial.
Members of UAW Local 900 offered to relocate the veterans memorial currently at the union offices to the site in Wayne. Those monuments, which honor each of the armed forces, will be incorporated into the new Wayne memorial.
More information is available from Wayne City Manager Lisa Nocerini at (734) 722-2001.