Thursday, May 14, 2020

School superintendent reassures parents, students

Superintendent of the Plymouth Canton Community Schools Monica Merritt recently addressed area families and staff members regarding the impact of the coronaviris pandemic on the local schools.
Merritt said, “This has been a difficult time for all of us.
“Since the beginning of this unprecedented crisis, our goal has been to provide you with the most timely and important communication in a variety of formats, including these calls on Friday evenings. With our Continuity of Learning Plan now being implemented, and with our educators working hard every day to meet the needs of our students, you will continue to receive your Sunday calls from your building principals, but we will relax the weekly robocalls from me.

“I encourage you to continue contacting your principals and teachers with any questions, concerns, or support you might need, and check the district website on a regular basis. It has been a wonderful experience to provide these regular check-ins with you, and we hope they have been helpful during a time full of challenge and uncertainty.
“While we are not entirely sure what the future will bring us as a school community, what we do know is that these past weeks have highlighted our poise, our resolve, and our ability to handle the adversity of our current times -- all while keeping the needs of our students as our number one priority. We cannot thank our staff, families, and of course our students enough for the way that you have continued to support P-CCS and navigate the many changes that have occurred.
“We cannot wait for the day when we can see our students again in person, and as a district we will return better than ever as we continue to lead students to Learn, Prepare, and Thrive. No matter what comes our way, we will remain united as a school community to do everything in our ability to ensure a sense of normalcy. Take care of yourselves, and take care of each other,” Merritt concluded.