Thursday, May 28, 2020

Residents, officials thank Wayne firefighters

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Wayne Fire Department employees have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and a group of local elected officials, candidates, small business owners, and citizens came together recently to show their support for the first responders.
At one time, more than half the city firefighters were out of work due to the virus requiring healthy firefighters to work exceptionally long shifts while their co-workers recovered.
To demonstrate their appreciation, the local group was able to provide enough groceries to feed the firefighters at the station three meals a day for the next week. In addition, eight $100 gift cards were provided for the firefighters at home suffering from COVID-19.

“While the department has been receiving many prepared meals dropped off at the station, we wanted to give our firefighters the option of cooking fresh meals when they desired. Also, dropping food off to them allowed them to rest instead of grocery shop, while limiting any additional exposure to the public,” said State Rep. Kevin Coleman, D-Westland.
Stan Ochab and members of the Ochab family, owners of the Market Grocery Store in Brownstown, provided the groceries at a deeply discounted price and donated cash to the effort. Coleman, Westland Councilman Mike McDermott and Westland Councilman Peter Herzberg donated and delivered the groceries to Wayne Fire Union President Jason Reeves.
Donors to the effort included former Wayne city attorney Breeda O'Leary, Dennis Hermatz of Wayne Lawn and Garden, retired Wayne Fire Chief Timothy Reynolds, retired Fire Union President Ken Chapman, former Wayne Personnel Director Carrie Venus, Wayne retiree Kathie Guisgand, and Wayne residents Dave and MarthaBurgess, Beverly Campbell, Melissa Wysong, Leslie VanNeste and Jason and Vanessa Kuczynski.
“It was our pleasure to show this great group of firefighters that we appreciate them putting their lives on the line for us every single day,” said Burgess.