Thursday, May 7, 2020

Student charity race goes digital

This year, participants will have eight days to complete the Super Jess 5K charity race.
The 10th annual event, which provides help for local families in medical crisis, will take place virtually, to comply with social distancing required by the coronaviris pandemic.
The virtual event will allow participants to run, walk or bike the trail at their leisure through May 10.
The charity event, organized by students in the Plymouth Canton Community Schools district, is named for former Canton High School sophomore Jesse Lindbauer who suffered a sinus infection which became an infected brain abscess in 2011. The Plymouth Canton community created the Super Jess 5K race to help the teen's family with medical expenses during his recovery.

The event has continued and has become an annual student event benefitting area families facing medical challenges and during the last nine years has helped 40 families and collected $500,000 to help with medical expenses.
The race is coordinated by students at the SJ5K Club at the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park. A foundation with a board of directors manages the finances for the group.
This year, the virtual event will benefit five families in the Plymouth-Canton Community: Layana Szmansky, Jonathan Suszkiewicz, Greg Gorski, Mikey Rosowski and Greg Milleville. To learn more about the families, visit