Thursday, October 15, 2020

State Wayne Theatre is now open for business

The State Wayne Theater was scheduled to reopen last week the first time since closing in response to COVID 19 health concerns. 

“To take the challenge away from implementing social distancing, Phoenix Theatres installed a new reserved seating program in the computer system that allows guests to select their seat in advance either on the theater web site or newly-developed mobile app. The computer will automatically remove two seats between each pair sold, creating a checkerboard style pattern. With the extra wide spacing that is a result of the wide reclining seats, there will easily be 6 feet of separation between guests to safely social distance while watching a film,” explained  Cory Jacobson, owner of Phoenix Theatres.


“Prior to our re-opening, we will be meeting with a small specialized training group to individually work with every employee in the company,” said Sheena Hohman, director of employee training and development. “

New safety protocols have been established for every aspect of the theater, Jacobsen said, including:    Phoenix Theatres will have social distancing guidelines in all the common areas and most importantly in the theater auditoriums. The seating layout will automatically be configured within reserved seating computer software, so that customers will not be within 6 feet of other guests not in their family group; each employee will wear a mask and other protective equipment; guests will be required to wear face masks when moving about the theater; transactions at the ticketing and concession stand have been streamlined to further minimize touch points;   Phoenix will use a food grade disinfectant spray on all seats that removes 99.99 percent of all viruses on surfaces within 30 seconds; each seat will be labeled with a “clean and sanitized” sticker to verify the cleaning procedure between showings has taken place and the same disinfectant spray will be used on high touch points throughout the building including the restrooms and concession areas. In addition, hand sanitizer stations will also be provided for customer use throughout the theater.   

“With the recent verdict of the Michigan Supreme Court that places Gov. (Gretchen) Whitmer's guidance in question, we intend to follow the CinemaSafe guidelines to ensure the safety of our guests. All of our theatres in Michigan will re-open to support the return of Hollywood's blockbuster movies to the big screen,” Jacobsen said.  

“I believe allowing the movie theaters to reopen while enforcing these guidelines is at least as safe, or safer, as any other comparable businesses currently permitted by Governor Whitmer to open, such as a shopping mall and likely safer than indoor restaurants, where people might have masks off for a significant amount of time and which are employing far less aggressive risk reduction strategies,” noted Sims. 

To view Phoenix Theatres re-opening video plan and a complete listing of safety protocols, visit /covid.