Thursday, October 8, 2020


Local woman performs in college a cappella competition

Medha Sripada
Candidates for office aren't the only ones looking for voters' support this month.

Medha Sripada is also hoping that voters in her home town of Northville will cast a vote for her and her University of Michigan a cappella group Amazin' Blue which was recently selected to compete in UpStagedAid: One world, Every Student Voice, the largest international college a cappella championship in history and the first ever virtual college championship of the kind. 

Sripada, 19, is a sophomore at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and joined the Amazin' Blue group there after graduating from Northville High School where she also sang with an a cappella group. 

More than 160 leading college a cappella groups from around the world applied for the competition, and Sripada is a member of one of only 32 U.S. groups selected. 

All teams have been seeded into a 32-team bracket by region (modeled after NCAA's March Madness). 

“It's going well,” Sripada said. “We just finished round one where we defended but I haven't looked at the results yet.” Her group was selected as the number four seed for the Midwest region, a pretty high rating. 

Winning teams receive $10,000+ in cash prizes and donations to the social justice charities of their choice. 

Whether Amazin' Blue continues on in the competition depends on internet fan voting which will determine how far each group goes in the competition. Voting, according to officials is now open to help make Sripada's team a champion. 

To vote, go to the UpStaged website where the bracket lineup and a link to click to watch each video is available and vote for a favorite team. Users will be able to click on any school to watch a four-minute a cappella video and then compare that performance against the first round match and vote. 

More information is available at