Thursday, August 12, 2021

Beautification winners are named

Adorn Fine Flowers co-owner Alicia Racine, pictured with
Mayor Brian Turnbull, accepts the award from the Beautification Commission. 
The City of Northville and Northville Township chose 50 local businesses and civic organizations to receive beautification awards this year.

A spokesman noted that the annual awards are presented by members of the City of Northville Beautification Commission and the Northville Township Beautification Commission. 

City Beautification Commission Chairwoman Diane Pittaway and member Liliana Miyahara, accompanied by Mayor Brian Turnbull, delivered signs to some of  the honorees on July 20. Certificates will be delivered in person at a later date since the traditional September luncheon hosted in September is postponed another year due to pandemic precautions. 

Mario, of Marathon Gas Station on South Main,
proudly receives recognition for his landscaped gardens. 
During a meeting last month, the Northville City Council members renewed the tenure of six commission members for another three years. The newest member, Krista Foley-Siefert was appointed last month. New officers of the commission include as Sue Marie Klimek, co-chair; Carol Pankow, secretary and Callie Milroy, treasurer. 

The commission requires regular attendance for a quorum in voting on decisions and actions. 

Mayor Brian Turnbull and Liliana Miyahara plant an award
 sign at the Yerkes' House garden in Mill Race Village. 
The goal of the beautification commission is to continue to enhance more areas of the city that need maintenance, Pittaway said. She added that there “is no such thing as no maintenance.”  While they plant the downtown area with ornamental annuals, other areas are landscaped with native plants and shrubs whenever possible, using organic gardening practices, she said.

“Always, we are looking out for the environmental welfare of our community,” said Pittaway. “We appreciate the business owners and volunteers who commit their time, effort, and resources to enhance our surroundings.”