Thursday, August 5, 2021

Mosquito control program OK’d

Outdoor life in Westland should become far more pleasant soon.

Officials in the city have declared war on the invading horde of mosquitoes that have been plaguing residents recently. The recent heavy rainfall has provided an ideal breeding spot for mosquito larvae in the 7,300 catch basins in the city and residents are feeling the 'bite' as they attempt any outdoor activities, officials said.

In response to numerous complaint calls, the city received approval from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) to take proactive measure using G30 Spinsad Briquettes in the catch basins. The comprehensive mosquito abatement program is designed to eliminate mosquito larvae in standing water before hatching. 

Briquettes will also be available to homeowners associations, residents with ponds and other potential breeding grounds for the biting insects.

 "The City of Westland is committed to keeping our residents healthy and safe. With the recent influx of rain in our community, taking action against mosquitoes will help each resident enjoy Michigan's summers and the amenities offered by our city," said Mayor William R. Wild.

Officials said the type of larvaeside being used will not harm the surface water quality and is meant to dissolve almost immediately. 

It is, officials said, a natural substance made by bacteria that is usually toxic to insects but environmentally safe.