Thursday, August 19, 2021

Construction to close Harvey Street in Plymouth

The next few weeks may prove unpleasant for Plymouth motorists who regularly use Harvey Street between Penniman Avenue and Ann Arbor Trail.

A reconstruction project including underground water main replacement, reconstruction of the three lanes of the roadway with new curbs and the upgrade of some storm sewer and sanitary sewer sections beneath the roadway began on Monday. The project includes the installation of sidewalks on both sides of Harvey to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. New traffic signal mast arms will also be installed at the intersection, although that project could be delayed until next year, officials said.

The work, according to a representative from Wade Trim, the firm overseeing the project for the City of Plymouth,was scheduled to begin Monday and should be concluded, weather permitting, by the end of October or early November. Factors in addition to weather will include the availability of material in light of the delays in shipping and manufacture caused by the COVID pandemic. Subcontractors schedules could also impact the work, noted Project Manager Shawn Keogh during an outdoor meeting scheduled by the city this week. 

Residents in the area will be affected for about seven to 10 days when new curbs and gutters are installed, but access to residential driveways should otherwise be maintained throughout the project, Keogh said. He added that advance notice of any interruption or access would be provided to residents.

Keogh cautioned residents in the area, pedestrians and motorists, to exercise caution during the construction which will include heavy equipment and machinery. He said signs would be erected during the project urging caution and warning motorists and pedestrians of the hazards.

The Harvey Street entrance and exit to the parking structure will be temporarily moved to Ann Arbor Trail as construction takes place in that area. The parking deck will remain open. 

Downtown Development Director Tony Bruscato said that parking had been leased at the Christian Science Church on Ann Arbor Trail just west of Harvey Street for the use of residents and visitors during the project.

The cost of the project is shared between the city and the Downtown Development Authority, Bruscato said. 

More information is available from the Department of Municipal Services (734-453-7737). Specific questions regarding deliveries, access or progress of the construction project can also be addressed by calling the number above. Information can also be accessed at, officials said.

“The construction will be somewhat like the Fleet Street project several years ago.  It will be highly inconvenient at times, but we are working to make it as palatable as possible.  In the end, the DDA District will have a newly constructed street,” Bruscato said in a prepared statement.

Access to the post office will be from Ann Arbor Trail during the project.