Thursday, August 19, 2021

Wayne receives federal funds to upgrade city amphitheater

The City of Wayne was recently awarded more than $550,000 in federal funding for the rehabilitation of the Goudy Park Amphitheater in the city.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, D-13th District, recently supported federal funding for both the Goudy Park project and funding for the construction of a Senior Wellness Center in the City of Inkster.

No decision on the Inkster project had been announced at press time.

Also in the new bill is funding for the creation of Wayne-Westland Build Your Future: Pathways To The Workforce proposed program which is designed to address the community need for an integrated career readiness system;

"Throughout my time in office I've stayed deeply connected to the residents and communities I serve. In the wake of recent flooding in our district, I went door-to-door to hear firsthand from my residents about what they needed and what mattered most to them," Tlaib said in a prepared statement. 

"What I heard is that residents are concerned about affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization, they want to see investments in education and job training, and they want to live in communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. I was proud to vote for several appropriations bills that will deliver important resources to our communities.

"Our country needs to invest in people and not broken structures that continue to target communities of color with over-policing and incarceration. I voted against several FY2022 appropriations bills, including the supplemental, that did not prioritize my residents' needs and failed to address the concerns that many of us have about policing at the Capitol and at home, escalating military spending, and support for repressive regimes," the prepared statement concluded.