Thursday, August 12, 2021

Pay scale for elected officials adjusted by trustees

Sumpter Township officials took one step closer to returning to “normal” following the pandemic with the reinstatement of the former pay scale for elected officials during an in-person meeting last month.

During the July 27 meeting, members of the board approved four resolutions adjusting pay scales in the township. Township Supervisor Tim Bowman's pay was set at $38,000, the same amount paid to former Supervisor John Morgan, according to officials.  The annual salaries of Township Clerk Esther Hurst and Township Treasurer Vincent Warren were set at $30,000 each, increased from $19,019.

The salaries of trustees Don LaPorte, Peggy Morgan, Matthew Oddy and Tim Rush were set at $22,000 each.

The increases to the salaries of the officials, all who serve in part-time positions, was the first increase since 2002, more than 19 years, according to Bowman who presented the resolutions for approval. The increase was also approved by Deputy Supervisor Michelle Cole who also serves as the financial director for the township.

Trustees said the pay scale is more in line with current standards and the current hourly wages paid to part-time employees in the township. The lowest paid part-time hourly wage in the township is now at $21.08, which at 20 hours would be about $21,000 a year, explained Oddy in a later interview. 

“This is just a way to bring everyone up to scale,” he said. 

Approval was unanimous by the trustees with Hurst and LaPorte excused from the meeting.